Book cover of the novel "Vintage Affair"

one of my images for abilletage is used for the cover of Isabel Wolff's novel "Vintage Affair" as chinese edition.

if you live in China, you can buy at bookstores and

Vintage Affair (Chinese Edition)
author : Isabel Wolff
publisher : The Citic publishing press

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011

two of my works won awards at the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011. in September, they held the Gala of Trierenber in Linz and there was a exhibition of photos of participants. some of my works were there.

I couldn't visit there, but Nina Piatrouskaya (photographer in Belarus) kindly sent me some photos of the exhibition. thank you so much, Nina!

Medal awards - Color slides+Digital Image General [BRONZE] - 
Special Themes - Gold medal of excellence - tutorial book

one of my works is on the cover of tutorial book. the book is written in Swedish. maybe they will publish the English version soon!

Detta är en unik coffee table-bok som också lär ut fototekniska hemligheter på ett helt nytt sätt. Det som gör boken ensam i sitt slag är fotografernas egna berättelser om hur bilderna skapats, alltifrån den kreativa idén till genomförandet med alla de tekniska detaljerna för kamerainställningar och bildbehandlingsmetoder. Välkommen backstage för att se hur magi skapas! Yearbook 2011 "Beyond"

one of my works is featured in the yearbook 2011 of "Beyond". the book has already sold out, it was limited to 1111 copies.

"Being an artist is in many ways like being a child. To be an artist is to always see the world in a new light. To throw away your old glasses engraved with prejudice, rules and obligations. To tear down walls, to forget about limitations. To cross borders and to crush boundaries. To make the ordinary extraordinary. To let go. To go beyond."

Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography

the book "Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography" features some of my works. I'm so proud to be a part of them. I bet you'll love amazing works in this book, and you can find wonderful artists who are known in flickr, too. thank you so much to Romany WG for inviting me. 

New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography will offer a fresh perspective on photography, focusing on those emerging contemporary artists who are working at the cutting edge of post-production image creativity today. Full page imagery will be accompanied by interviews and commentary that offers a unique insight into the methodologies, perspectives and opinions of the next generation of creative photographers. 

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