abilletage's Christmas

I created new images of abilletage for the Christmas season in November. they were displayed at abilletage in December. they will be uploaded to www.abilletage.com soon.
I really enjoyed shooting and editing. thank you for your support, my friends!

Model : Bambi, Stasya
Costume : Bambi
Hair&make-up : Yumi Sakai
Photography&direction : kiyo murakami

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011

two of my works won awards at the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011. in September, they held the Gala of Trierenber in Linz and there was a exhibition of photos of participants. some of my works were there.

I couldn't visit there, but Nina Piatrouskaya (photographer in Belarus) kindly sent me some photos of the exhibition. thank you so much, Nina!

Medal awards - Color slides+Digital Image General [BRONZE] - 
Special Themes - Gold medal of excellence - 


Original corset shop & tea salon "abilletage"

My friend "bambi" opened her shop "abilletage" on July 7. it is located about 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station in Tokyo. I have helped her out this 2 month, that's the reason I was too busy :)
At the shop, you can buy lovely corsets that bambi designed, other clothes, accessories and antique products. (my works are printed in some lovely stuffs.) You can enjoy tea, coffee and alcohol.
In this month, some of my works are displayed on the wall.

Visit her shop when you come to Tokyo!

open : 13:30-23:30
store closed : wed

Cafe time : 13:30-19:30
Bar time : 19:30-23:30 (charge ¥500)

TEL : 03-6380-5587
FAX : 03-6380-5594 

new 6 images

 those 6 images were created for the exhibition. you can see large images in the gallery.

abilletage and kiyo murakami photo exhibition

Bambi (designer of abilletage) and I held the photo exhibition at the bar AMARCORD in Shinjuku, Tokyo in November 2010.

on Nov. 27, we held the party and many people came and celebrated abilletage's first anniversary. I created some images for our exhibition and party. some creators run their booth and the dancer ALK putted on a exciting show for us.
thank you so much everyone!

photos and reports(written in Japanese) are here.

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