After busy summer

hi, it has been a long time!
I was very busy this summer, so I hadn't time to update this blog. I'll update anytime soon!

I've started using facebook.

After such a long time

I have strong pain in my right leg after last summer. it's terrible MPS(Myofascial Pain Syndrome). I couldn't do anything without medicines and injections! now I'm in undergoing rehabilitation and shooting is still hard on my muscles. fortunately, my leg is getting better these days.

I'll upload this blog and some of my works to my website soon.

play for Japan

a magnitude 9 earthquake strikes off the northeast coast of Japan on March 13, 2011.
I live in Tokyo - not so terrible here, but it was the strongest earthquake I have ever experienced. in the Tohoku region, many people died and many survivors need help from everywhere right now. 

Donate List

you can make a secure donation to the American Red Cross via iTunes, too.

my site and mail address were not working for a week for some reasons. if you mailed me and it was returned, please send the message to me again!

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