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Prints of my works are available through the 1X FINE ART PRINT

Shooting for Kokusyoku Sumire's new album

I shot lovely Japanese duo "Kokusyoku Sumire" last year for their new album which will go on sale in February.
there are lots of fans in the underground scene, but I want more and more people to know them. I think their music is truly fantastic and their costumes are unique and impressive also. you can find them on youtube and this page is good to know more about them in English.

Ayame Adachi(A.K.A. Adachi-Kakoujo, collage artist, painter and designer) and I collaborated on the design of the jacket. she mixed traditional Japanese objects with the photographs I finished. I love her amazing work!

I created some of images for ads, booklet and novelty goods.

Collage Art : Adachi-Kakoujo (jacket)
Photography : Kiyo Murakami
Costume : Saori Kaneda
Hair&Make-up : Yuji Mitsui

Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography

the book "Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography" features some of my works. I'm so proud to be a part of them. I bet you'll love amazing works in this book, and you can find wonderful artists who are known in flickr, too. thank you so much to Romany WG for inviting me. 

New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography will offer a fresh perspective on photography, focusing on those emerging contemporary artists who are working at the cutting edge of post-production image creativity today. Full page imagery will be accompanied by interviews and commentary that offers a unique insight into the methodologies, perspectives and opinions of the next generation of creative photographers. 

Charity Auction

I'm auctioning one of my prints to help the people of Japan following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 on flickr.

The bidding will end on Day 28th March, 2011 at 10:00PM (Tokyo Time). At this time, the person who wrote/commented or emailed the highest amount will have to give this amount to a legitimate charity involved in the effort for aid for the people of Japan. On proof of donation (please take a screen grab of your donation confirmation page!), I will arrange for the print to made and shipped to you.

I will pay for the print to be produced and pay for shipping, so all of your donation goes straight to the cause

if you want to bid and don't have a flickr account, please just email me with a bid and I will place the bid in the comments on your behalf: mail@kiyomurakami.com

34.5x34.5cm (13.6x13.6 inch) print on professional crystal paper

model : oshiri_chan
hair&make-up : yumi sakai
paper dress styling : bambi 
photography&direction : kiyo murakami
(all cranes and clothes are made of paper)

latest photo session

 I collaborated with my talented friends a few weeks ago. thank you for your friendship and I'm always inspired by you all.


model&costume : maiko kojima
hair&make-up : yumi sakai
fruit decoration, direction&photography : kiyo murakami

model : oshiri_chan
hair&make-up : yumi sakai
paper dress styling : bambi 
photography&direction : kiyo murakami

all cranes and clothes are made of paper!

Cover of the novel "La Figlia sbagliata"

one of my images are used for the cover of Jeffery Deaver's novel "La Figlia sbagliata" by Italian publisher Rizzoli. 

author: Jeffery Deaver
title: La Figlia sbagliata
editor: Rizzoli
price: 18,50 EURO
ISBN: 17043700

Arkham Tales Issue 8

one of my images is used for the magazine of weird fiction "Arkham Tales Issue 8". I found my favorite artist's images in back number magazines! you can buy them on this site.

"Arkham Tales is a quarterly PDF magazine devoted to “weird” fiction: supernatural  suspense and adventure stories informed by (though not imitative of) the pulp fiction of the early 20th century. Arkham Tales is a subsidiary of Leucrota Press."

"abilletage" novelty cards

those free cards were given away to visitors in some events.

all images are in the gallery

Anne Lovett "BEYOND [AND BELOW]"

I directed the artwork of Anne Lovett's first album. she is an amazing and very talented pianist. I'm so glad to be involved in the project. it was a wonderful experience, we discussed via e-mail many times till the artwork is fully satisfied.
her music is just amazing... my favorites are Tokyo Rush and Liqued Daydream. her album is now available. you can get it her site.

art work : Kiyo Murakami
photography : Marina Geraghty

works for "abilletage"

one of my friends Bambi launched a corset brand "abilletage". the first time we met, I was in a band and she was a student of dressmakers' school. I can't believe we work together now as a photographer and a designer!
I love her creations. her works bring us to the unreal world and highlight the mystique of the woman.


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